SmartCtrl 4.0

SmartCtrl 4.0 is a controller design software specifically geared towards power electronics applications. It features a user-friendly interface, simple workflow, and comprehensible display of control loop stability and performance. SmartCtrl facilitates the simple and fast designing of controllers for various power converters.

SmartCtrl 4.0 adds a digital controller design option. With this package, one can design a controller directly in digital. All the delay effects are included in the plant. That way you can obtain the digital compensator easily.

Also, SmartCtrl 4.0 allows designing a controller in the analog s-domain, defining digital delay and check the control loop stability, all with the digital delay being taken into account. Once the controller is designed, digital controller coefficients for z-domain implementation can then be generated. Digital regulators are obtained following the discretization of their corresponding analog compensators, which are calculated using the analog approach of SmartCtrl. Three factors must be taken into account in our digital control calculations:

• Sampling frequency of the regulator.
• Number of bits to represent the resolution in fixed point the coefficients of the obtained compensators.
• Overall time delay in the control loop.

A good practice is to compare the discretized compensator with the original analog one.

In both cases, SmartCtrl 4.0 allows calculating the z-domain coefficients of digital compensators so that they can be implemented by digital devices, e.g., FPGAs or DSPs.